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New Era Big Spot

Laser type: Diode laser

Display: 8.4″ color touch LCD screen

Laser wave length: 808nm

Treatment laser spot: 22 x 35mm

Pulse width: 10~1400ms FG2000D: 8-720ms

Energy density: 1~120j / cm² (continuously adjustable)

Pulse frequency: 1~10Hz

Cooling system: Water + air + semiconductor

Temperature of probe: 0 ~ 3°C

Size: 46  x 56 x 110cm

N.W./G.W.: 45kg / 61kg

Voltage: 220v / 110v

Major Advantages

  • Treats all skin types: Fair, tan, and dark
  • With an advantage of the Big Spot Headpiece Tip technology, it is 4 times faster than any conventional laser in the market
  • Pain-free technology with a perfect freezing cooling system that reduces inflammation and near perfect function while penetrating the pores
  • Unique technology, safe and painless
  • High efficiency, fast speed, but also eliminates the formation of traditional laser treatment of circle spot overlap dead zone

Technical Specifications

Our 808nm Diode Laser Machine features:

Safety: 808mn Germany semi-conductor laser. Strong, fast, and durable.

Fast: 12 x 20mm² or 22 x 35mm² big spot, large area hair removal, high efficiency, fast speed.

Effective: 808nm laser wavelength, in the spectrum of near infrared (0.75 ~ 1.50m) region of black pigment absorption, can penetrate deep into the dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, acting at any different part of the body and depth of the hair.

Painless: Sapphire cooling window, the skin can be cooled to 0° – 4°. The whole process of cooling is comfortable without pain.

Convenient: Intuitive and easy to operate man-machine interface – touch screen, easy to operate.

Permanent Hair Removal Reduction: It is effective for all skin types.

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