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I think people somewhat underestimate the amount of automation which has already occurred over the past 40 years. Computerization has completely turned upside down pretty much every profession, and has made completely obsolete huge categories of jobs.I also think people somewhat overestimate how quickly real automation will come into effect. This was not really a serious mainstream concern (outside of futurists) until maybe about 2 years ago. I’m not sure what suddenly brought it into the limelight, perhaps self driving cars getting more publicity. But in the long run I do think every profession will eliminated by automation. Things like politics, any sort of management, etc.. will be easily done a lot more effectively by computers. Anyone who thinks their little niche is immune is really fooling themselves. But I’m not too worried about it and don’t think it will really happen within my lifetime. I do think the last standing profession will be the world’s first, prostitution. If the point comes where people prefer to have sex with robots instead of humans then the survival of the species is probably moot.

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